Hypnotherapy and pregnancy

Relaxation and reduced stress

Hypnotherapy is a form of therapy that uses relaxation to make thinking play a lesser role. This therapy can help before and during your pregnancy, in the preparation for your delivery and also afterwards. Think for example of anxiety during pregnancy, help with postpartum depression or dealing with a traumatic birth. Read in the article below where and how hypnotherapy can help you.

At Femme Amsterdam we work together with hypnotherapist Daniele Pontes. She can tell you everything about hypnotherapy.


How does hypnotherapy work?

Modern Hypnotherapy consists of guiding someone into a light trance, similar to when you are about to fall asleep or about to wake up. This light trance allows your rational mind to relax in order for you to access your subconscious mind, the mind who controls our memories, behaviors and physiological processes but also the intuitive mind.

By accessing this part of your subconscious it is possible to both retrieve insights and wisdom but also to seed more positive thoughts in order to change behaviors and achieve what we wish to achieve.

Besides this, the process of entering a light trance is in itself a very relaxing one, releasing stress and helping you restore a more balanced mental health, leading into a more balanced and happy life.

When can hypnotherapy help you?

  • Anxiety during pregnancy
  • Sleeping problems
  • Depression or feeling overwhelmed
  • Post-partum depression
  • Preparing for birth (Hipno Birth)
  • Dealing with miscarriage
  • Dealing with a traumatic birth

However, many of the serious physical abnormalities in babies can in most cases be detected much earlier by means of an ultrasound. For example, you can see much faster abnormalities in the heart, an open back or abdomen, but also abnormalities in the brain and limbs.

How can hypnotherapy help you become pregnant?

Becoming pregnant should be one of the most natural processes, unfortunately many times it comes with struggles and challenges. Often you hear that you just need to let go, or that when you let go and give up suddenly pregnancy happens, unfortunately we don’t have a magical button to allow this release to happen automatically, these sessions will help you discover the smoother path in this journey and explore your inner resources while empowering yourself as well as letting go.

With Hypnotherapy you can help build thrust in your body, restore a harmonious connection with your womb and discover possible inner reasons that might be holding you back from becoming pregnant. These sessions happen in one-on-one setting and/or within group sessions.

The Purpose of these sessions:

  • Increase the chances of becoming pregnant.
  • Build up the thrust in your body.
  • Heal both body and mind.
  • Soften the emotional ups and downs related to this journey.

When things don’t go the expected way

Luckily most of the pregnancies will end with the parents meeting their healthy baby, unfortunately there are cases in which this is not how the process ends, It isn’t possible to become pregnant after a miscarriage if there’s any kind of placenta retention from the previous pregnancy, and this is just as true for the emotional aspect. If there is still a strong sadness and grieve from a previous story there isn’t emotional space for a healthy happy pregnancy to take place. If you find yourself struggling please contact me so you can hear how I can help you.

When the grieving process doesn’t happen properly all of the anxiety and negativity will be carried on to the next pregnancy making every check-up a source of anxiety and every little sign a reason to worry. If you can relate to this, i am here for you and i am here to help you. Hypnotherapy can help you with the natural grieving process so that emotional and mental space can be created for a healthier pregnancy afterwards, and a sense of thrust and positivity can be restored.