our packages for the best prenatal care

our packages for the best prenatal care

At Femme Amsterdam we offer you a unique way of maternity care. With us you get the standard insured maternity care and more. The standard midwifery checks, including the 10, 13 and 20-week ultrasound, to which every pregnant woman is entitled from the basic care of every health insurer, can be expanded with us. You can also choose from three packages with extra care: Plus, the Excellent and the Premium package.

These packages contain extra ultrasounds to keep a closer eye on the development of your child. We also offer all kinds of information evenings in all packages to prepare you as best as possible for what is to come. In addition, depending on your package, you can book consultations with our acupuncturists, nutritionist, pelvic floor physiotherapist who are located in our building. Depending on your package, you can also book appointments for pregnancy massages, a baby and children’s first aid course and sports lessons which Femme Amsterdam has partnerships with.

  • We ensure sufficient time for you (and your partner) with 20 minutes per examination and 20 minutes per ultrasound
  • We conduct additional scans to carefully follow the growth and development of your baby
  • We organise multiple information evenings so that you feel knowledgeable, confident and prepared
  • We work with a set team of midwives, each of which you will meet before welcoming your baby
  • We work with a multidisciplinary team within the practice including an acupuncturist, nutritionist, coach, pelvic floor physiotherapist and lactation consultant
  • We offer evening and weekend consultations
  • We conduct blood sampling within the practice
  • We use the most advanced ultrasound equipment, the Voluson E10 and S10 Expert.
  • We are available 24 hours per day, 7 days per week

choose your package

See which package best suits your needs and wishes:

Plus Excellent Premium
Viability scan (from week 6) and introductory consultation
Due date scan * * *
13 week ultrasound (IMITAS studie) * * *
14-16 week gender reveal (if desired) / growth ultrasound
20 weeks ultrasound (SEO) * * *
24 weeks ultrasound
28 weeks 3D/4D ultrasound ‘sneak peek’
31 weeks biometrics (growth ultrasound)
33 weeks biometrics (growth ultrasound)
35 weeks biometrics (growth ultrasound)
37 weeks ultrasound
40 weeks ultrasound (amniotic fluid measurement)
41 weeks ultrasound (amniotic fluid measurement)
Information evening about nutrition in pregnancy
Voorlichting over bevalling
Information evening about the baby sleep and nutrition patterns, by lactation consultant Heleen Hilgers
Information evening about baby period
Voorlichting over babyperiode
Consultation nutritionist own practice**
Consult coach**
First aid course for babies and children**
Pregnancy massage @the Rub**
Pregnancy Yoga @the Rubr**
Come back moment 4-6 weeks after delivery with other mothers**
€233 per trimester / €76 per month €400 per trimester / €133 per month €500 per trimester / €166 per month

* The 10, 13 and 20 weeks ultrasounds are reimbursed from basic care by the health insurer and we do not charge extra. Would you like to know more about the ultrasounds and which ones fall within the basic care of the health insurer? View our extensive echo timeline.

** These services can be used in the Excellent and Premium package at your own discretion. You get six credits with the Excellent package and twelve credits with the Premium package, which you can use as you like. So several appointments with, for example, our acupuncturist, nutritionist, coach, massage therapist are possible.