Maaike de Ruiter

Maaike has been a midwife since 2007 and then worked for a long time in a midwife practice in Amsterdam East. She completed her ultrasound training a few years ago and since then has enjoyed working as an ultrasound technician as well. Combining obstetrics and ultrasound makes her profession complete for her. Witnessing the miracle of developing new life with the ultrasound remains insane and special every time. In addition to obstetric ultrasounds, Maaike is qualified to make gynecological ultrasounds. Thus, even women who are not (yet) pregnant can come to her.   Maaike has been working at Femme as an ultrasound technician since 2023. She also works at several other practices in Amsterdam.   She is the mother of a son (2012) and a daughter (2015).

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